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What Weed to use on a Weekday

What Weed to use on a Weekday: Your Best Monday to Friday

Smoking weed during the week is great. A lot of people say smoking weed during the week will make you unproductive, but that doesn’t have to be true. What weed to use on a weekday is the best way to stay productive, creative, enthusiastic, and (sometimes most importantly) relaxed. Depending on what you’re looking for, there’s a type of weed out there for you.

What weed to use on a weekday to get you going

Everyone knows the struggle of waking up on a Monday morning after a great weekend, only to dread the thought of having to go to work for another 5 days before you can relax again. These Monday-blues can occur anytime during the week actually and you might find yourself struggling to get out of bed in the morning. If that’s the case, you might find what weed to use on a weekday to be the perfect remedy. Find the right weed, and you’ll be jumping up in the morning ready to tackle another great day at work.

A haze strain is always going to find its way on what weed to use on a weekday list. Haze genetics have strong uplifting effects that provide a happy, energetic, and euphoric experience. Not only is Mango Haze a great strain to get you up in the morning, but it also helps with pain and stress – the perfect combination for those who need a little bit more than energy. The mango flavors come across as sweet and fruity and go great with breakfast or a morning coffee.

 This famous sativa-dominant strain was bred back in the early 90s and has been a household name since then. The sativa dominance was bred through the Chemdog genetics that was crossed with Super Skunk. The result is a strain with a strong cerebral high, the perfect thing to get your mind active in the morning. The strain will make you feel happy, uplifted, and energetic. This strain is also known to spark some creativity, so you might come up with some great new ideas.


 This famous strain is a combination of Trainwreck and Hawaiian Sativa. The combination created a beautiful strain that smells like fruit and has a wonderful pine aroma. This strain hits like a train, so use it in moderation. With the appropriate dose, you will feel uplifted and ready for the day, but with too much, you might start feeling a little bit too relaxed. Dry mouth and eyes are the two main side-effects of this strain.

Another North American legend, Trainwreck has been around for a long time and is guaranteed to get you ready for work. The strain is a hybrid with Mexican, Thai, and Afghani roots that was bred to focus on the euphoric and uplifting effects present in the sativa landrace strain. Trainwreck is a great strain to start your day and has an earthy-citrus flavor that tastes amazing. Trainwreck is also known for its great anti-stress and anti-pain properties

What weed to use on a weekday to relax

After a long day of work, there’s nothing better than getting home, having some feed and smoking some weed. What weed to use on a weekday to relax is usually more indica dominant. These indica strains usually have strong relaxation properties that also result in the famous ‘couch-lock’ effect that is felt from many famous hybrids. When you’re looking for a weed to relax you want one with minimal paranoia and anxiety and that helps put you to sleep or make you happy.

Big Bud is a strain famous for its huge buds and resin-covered exterior. Bred in BC, this strain is fruity smelling and has been bred directly from the original Amsterdam genetics. The resulting bud is a hard-hitting strain that will leave you feeling very relaxed and very happy – the perfect combination to unwind after a long day. BC Big Bud is great for stress, pain, depression, lack of appetite, and insomnia, what more can you ask for.

 Death Bubba is the perfect nighty-night strain because after you smoke this strain you’re going to be struggling to keep your eyes open. Death Bubba is great for insomnia, stress, and pain, but it also gives you a serious case of dry mouth. The strain is a combination of two hard-hitting indica strains, Bubba Kush and Death Star. The flavor profile is a combination of earthy and sweet and it is very pungent. Death Bubba will put you in a sleep that feels like death. You’re going to awake the next day feeling completely rejuvenated and ready for the long day or week ahead.

 Is a beautiful indica-dominant hybrid strain that focuses on the body effects of its parents. The result is a strain that is best used in the evenings because you’re going to struggle to get off the couch after smoking some. The strain was bred from OG Kush and has a flowery and sweet flavor profile – the perfect flavor to compliment your dessert. People suffering from chronic pain, stress, or insomnia will find this strain to be very helpful. This strain is also known to have a beautiful color combination with light pink hues in certain phenotypes.

Don’t let the name fool you, you won’t be feeling like a Rock Star after smoking this indica-dominant strain. Rock Star is a hard-hitting strain that can trace its lineage back to Rockbud and Sensi Star (both indica dominant hybrids). The strain leaves you feeling very relaxed but also has uplifting effects that are great at relieving stress, depression, and insomnia. Dry mouth and dry eyes are severe with this strain and you don’t want to smoke too much otherwise you might start to feel a bit dizzy or anxious. The strong body buzz and a head high combination is something to get used to for new smokers – especially considering this strains high THC levels that can reach up to 24%.

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