Hemp Terpene CBD Soap – Peppermint Rise


TYPE: Topical
Amount: 100g
THC: 0mg

Peppermint Rise Hemp Terpene Infused Soap

Lucious organic hemp terpene infused medicated body soap. 100% all natural 100g bars. Artisan made and hand crafted. Effective relief from all forms of skin issues including inflammatory and neuropathic pain, regular use helps reduce stress and pain.

Viridesco – Organic Hemp Flower Oil (CBD) 488mg – 2ml

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Golden Organic Hemp Flower Paste meant to be eaten, smoked or vaporized. The cannabis oil comes packaged and ready for easy-use dosage in The Patron Eos-Dispenser. This dispenser is the world’s first dispenser specifically designed for the viscous resins of Cannabis!
Full Plant Extract