Gummy Bears

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THC infused gummy bears, 10 Doses / 10MG

Gummy Worms

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THC infused gummy worms, 5 doses / 20 MG

Chocolate Truffles

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THC: 10mg
CBD: 10mg

Hot Chocolate


TYPE: Edible
Amount: 2 servings
THC: 20mg

Decadent Belgian hot chocolate mix to curl up with on a blustery winters day. Grab your favourite marshmallows and whip cream because you’re in for a treat. Two servings per package to spread the cheer!

– Cannabis flavour strength – 1/10

Shelf Life: 150 days before freezing

Milkshake Mix


Get ready for the summer with this amazing milkshake mix from Baked Edibles. Each package contains of  50mg of THC. Made with Callebaut Chocolate. Blend vigorously in your favourite dairy or non-dairy milk and ice cream combination for a creamy result.

  • 50mg THC per package (2 servings).

Shelf Life: 150 Days before freezing.

Organic Honey Tincture – 100ml – 100mg THC – Baked Edibles


THC: 100mg
SIZE: 100ml

Organic Honey Tincture:

This delicious tincture has 100mg of THC within; perfect for a spread on your toast in the morning, a drizzle on your ice cream, or a sweetener for your tea! Besides the incredible health benefits, our THC honey will be a staple for any cannabis lover’s cupboard. 5mg THC per teaspoon for easy dosing! Oh, and did we mention that our honey is locally sourced? We thought you’d like that.

  • 100ml of Honey (5mg of THC per teaspoon).
  • Cannabis flavour strength – 1/10

CBD Gummies


Baked Edibles Sunshower CBD Gummies are a delicious, bite sized way to consume CBD. Made with love on Vancouver Island, they can help with pain relief from inflammation and to combat anxiety! This 15-pack is deliciously flavoured, and each sweet has approximately 10 mg of CBD.

MK Ultra

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Violator Kush

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Death Bubba


TYPE: Indica
THC LEVEL: 25-27%

Death Bubba is a seriously potent indica dominant strain with a high THC level, that is great for when you don’t want to be in this world anymore. This is our strongest strain.