Butter Chicken

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Tandoori seasoned chicken with a lightly spiced tangy cream sauce. All of our gourmet meals are infused with cannabis oil.
Golden Rules for Medical Marijuana Edibles:

  • Go Low and Go Slow
  • Never Mix Edibles with Alcohol or Medication
  • Do Not Drive or Operate Machinery
  • Keep away from Children and Pets
  • Never Serve Medicated Foods without Their Consent

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High (THC: 28.92mg), Low (THC: 17.29mg), Medium (THC: 22.84)


4 reviews for Butter Chicken

  1. nadegenelson

    To be honest, first thought: “risky”, Indian food by UPS. I love risky so I did it! I order my 1st edible Meal. The package was pretty good but defrosted so I had to eat it the same day especially during this season. Lord that was delicious !!! ( I’m french and really picky for my food) The taste was really remarkable for a frozen food. My delivery was so quick ( 2 days – Ontario).
    So after about 30 Min THC break, I was so high the type of high I never had since high school. I felt so good, start laughing for no reason. Went to bed At 8 pm ( really early for me ) and woke up so fresh this morning !! I had to write a review!!!! Will order again

  2. Cat

    Awesome!! Told all of my friends

    • admin

      We are so glad to hear:)

  3. justin e richardson

    Great butter chicken! Was really surprised they managed to capture the authentic Indian flavors and aromas. Was having terrible neck pain and couldn’t sleep, this dish took away most of the pain and knocked me out like a light. Would recommend to anyone having issues sleeping or in pain

  4. William.Allears

    The Butter Chicken is a must buy….Its the perfect amount of curry and Indian flavors.
    I used this for severe panic attacks and anxiety from a head injury and it worked better then all my prescription drugs, A excellent product!!!!
    William Abbs

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