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What weed to use for stress

Find Your Chill Pill: What Weed To Use For Stress

Why let stress control your life when you’ve got cannabis. Cannabis isn’t only great for getting high, it also has a lot of medicinal uses. There are plenty of types of cannabis available so you need to know what weed to use for stress if you want to make use of this natural medicine. With the right treatment, your stress will be a thing of the past.

What weed to use for stress

 Knowing what weed to use for stress is all about strains. Although there’s a lot of different information available, it is generally accepted that there are two main types of cannabis – sativa, and indica. Sativa and indica each have their own benefits, both medicinally and recreationally. However, nowadays it isn’t as simple as finding a pure sativa or a pure indica. Most cannabis strains available today are a blend of multiple strains – known as a hybrid. This hybrid, like a human child, is a combination of its parents. You can combine strains in a whole bunch of different ways, but the important one for stress is the medicinal effects of the strain.

Each strain has different medicinal effects and on an online dispensary, like Earth’s Edibles, or a popular strain database website, like Leafly, you will find they usually rate their different strains based on different recreational and medicinal effects.  Finding out what weed to use for stress is as simple as looking for the medicinal effects of the strain online. Generally, strains that help you feel relaxed, happy, and euphoric, also help with stress, anxiety, and PTSD. You’ll find that these effects are characteristic of sativa dominant strains and all the strains on this list have some sativa genetics.

The best strains for stress

 If you’re looking for what weed to use for stress and you don’t know too much about strains, then you can choose between one of the following strains that are available throughout North America.

Blue dream is the king of what weed to use for stress and it’s a North American legend strain. Blue Dream’s genetics can be traced back to California where it was bred to create a sativa-dominant plant that is great for fighting back stress. The strain is a cross between indica and sativa parents, both Blueberry and Haze, which results in a body and light cerebral high. It’s a great strain to enjoy during the day due to its light relaxation and euphoric effects. If you struggle from stress, you don’t need to look much further than Blue Dream.

 This indica dominant strain has strong medicinal effects and a great flavor to accompany it. Stress relief has never tasted nicer than with Blueberry. The sweet berry flavor relieves your stress and helps you relax in the evenings. It might not be the best strain to use during the day, but moderately it can be the perfect strain to relieve the pressure during a break.

Sour Diesel is another one of the great names mentioned in dispensaries across North America. This is a sativa dominant strain that has Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk, parents. The resulting strain provides a happy and uplifting high that is perfect for those suffering from stress, depression, or even pain. The uplifting sativa effects of Sour Diesel mean it can be enjoyed during the day but might leave your mind too active to fall asleep at night.


 You can’t go wrong with OG Kush and the San Francisco OG Kush available from Earth’s Edibles is the perfect option for all your stress. OG Kush is a mixture of mysterious originals that is a combination of both sativa and indica genetics. Users will find an enjoyable high that works well to relieve the symptoms of stress, PTSD, pain, and even insomnia. OG Kush can be used throughout the day moderately or at night in larger doses.

 This strain is named Green Crack because of its strong THC effects. This is a strong medicinal product that can be effectively used to relieve stress and anxiety. Green Crack has strong cerebral effects that can be overwhelming for first-time users. This strain can be used throughout the day and also has some indica genetics which helps with relaxing the body after a long day.

 Grandaddy Purple is the strain that contains the most indica genetics on this what weed to use for stress list. Even though the immediate lineage is indica dominant, there is sativa genetics that has continued from further back in this strains heritage. The result is a strain that provides a strong sense of indica-derived relaxation, which is far better suited for the evenings. A sleepy wave will pass over you and all your stress will be relieved when using Granddaddy Purple. The beautiful berry flavor makes this one of the most enjoyable strains available.

Super Silver Haze is a world-renowned strain that has won many awards for its strong genetics. With a haze background, Super Silver Haze is a great combination of cerebral high with bodily effects, resulting in a strain that can be used throughout the day to relieve stress and uplift your mind. If your stress is leaving you feeling depressed or anxious, you can use Super Silver Haze to help you. What weed to use for stress is easy when you have this strain on standby.

 Smell, taste, and medicinal effects are all on the menu with this strain. A popular strain because of its lovely sweet smell, Strawberry Cough is growing increasingly popular among medicinal patients for its cerebral effects that relieve stress while leaving you uplifted, creative, and ready to work. Strawberry Cough has unknown origins but it is definitely sativa dominant and the dry mouth will leave you grabbing for a glass of water.

Most of the strains that relieve stress are sativa dominant but as we can see from Granddaddy Purple you can find indica strains that are better suited for those that want to combine stress relief with a relaxing evening. It might take a few tries before you find the strain that suits you, but what weed to use for stress is easy to find and you’ll be stress-free in no time.

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