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Best Summer Activities To Do While High

Winter came and has left us aching for some good old baking and fun in the sun. With summer on the horizon and almost tangible, we have come up with an enticing list of summer activities to do while high for all walks of life.

There is a developing sub-culture of people, firmly believing that basically any physical activity could be heightened or be made better off, with a little bit of bud in your system. From taking a leisurely stroll in a federal park- to base jumping from cliffs. Anything could be considered. Your mind is literally the only limiting factor to what you may achieve and enjoy whilst being baked.

Off course, we acknowledge that not everyone is Tom Cruise or has the capacity to do all of the activities mentioned here, but we cater for the both the mellowed stoner- to the lit athletic individuals.

Chilled summer activities to do while high

1. Take a friend into nature.

There is just something about being high in nature that can’t really be compared to being high in urban areas. There are some very cool federal parks in the area, with mountain trails that would be suitable for even the least experienced hikers. If mountains might seem like a lot to ask, being high and all, there are more than enough parks to just cruise around in. Whether it be a mate or a lover, nature would provide some wicked scenery to enjoy with your company.

2. Go to the lake.

Sometimes a lake could be a way better alternative than going to the beach. We all know summers are bound to bring flocks of people to beaches everywhere. Lakes are usually a bit more chilled, not as busy and provide a solid alternative option if you’re looking for a place to cool off and chill out. Depending on the size, rules, and regulations of the lake, anything from Stand up paddling (SUP) to casual water sports could be potentially amazing summer activities to do while high. Just make sure to be safe and be responsible and you just may have a blast.

3. Fishing.

We know a lot of novice weed smokers that tend to think that doing anything that requires some sort of focus or attention, while being blazed off of your rocket, might seem like too much to handle. Once you get accustomed to the sensation however, it becomes increasingly easier to handle normal day to day tasks. Fishing is an activity that requires minimal focus for a short while and then almost no focus whatsoever for a long while until you get a bite. It is an awesome time and opportunity to reflect and marvel at the wonders of creation.

Summer Activities To Do While High

Little less-chilled summer activities to do while high.

4. Go for a run or cycle in parks and mountain trails.

Keeping in mind what is mentioned above, some and individuals are very well ‘acclimatized’ to the undesired effects which cannabis could have on your psyche. Once these hurdles have been jumped cannabis could have a remarkably positive effect on your body and actually act as a sort of muscle relaxer for athletes. This may help you to gain some extra stamina. The psychological effects of being high may also assist you in pushing your body outside of the borders of what your brain usually allows you to operate. In a sentence, one could say that it allows your body to press past your normal comfort zone in your training.

5. Skydiving.

This must surely be one of the most insanely epic summer activities to do while high. Anyone who has ever been slightly high could tell you, marijuana has a distinguished ability to bring up your heart rate a bit and makes your blood flow a bit faster through your veins.

Big bong hits could also easily trick your body into secreting some adrenalin…now, just imagine the sick combination of being high and jumping out of the airplane, traveling at 160 miles per hour… We think it may just be one of the coolest experiences if you manage to not get a stroke on the way down.

6. Go to the lake.

Whilst your other friends may be well enjoying chilling on SUP’s or playing with their (respective) balls, consider some machines on the water to make our experience at the water that much cooler. We are not advising being high and operating a boat or jet-ski, but maybe a responsible friend could take care of all of that. This leaves you, as a passenger, to be towed in a tube behind a boat or to be lifted on a jet-ski along a river or a lake. Whatever the situation may be, if you stay responsible and keep your cool, you are sure to have an absolutely awesome time.

In a nutshell, every person responds to weed differently. Some people may result in sunbathing or leisurely strolls as fun summer activities to do while high, whilst other individuals would not mind sailing the Atlantic while being high. The fact of the matter is that no matter what you do this summer if you are comfortable enough when you are high, you could do anything with the right mindset and attitude. As long as you keep a cool head and act responsibly, there is not too much that could go wrong apart from anything else that could go wrong related to a specific activity.

Remember that there a still legal issues regarding smoking weed in public places. To opt for an alternative for smoking weed, perhaps try some gummy sweets or even chocolates infused with weed. This may well just take away some of the paranoia of the fear of getting busted by the cops or anyone else that looks down upon you frowningly. Not only will you be able to get high in incognito mode, but weed edibles are also very portable and have a long shelf life so you may keep it for another hike or mission into nature. Be safe and enjoy this list of summer activities to do while high.

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