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Best Cannabis Recipes for Your Next Party

Best Cannabis Recipes for Your Next Party

 Getting the best cannabis recipes is vital to have an amazing party. Parties are no longer just about what food and drinks you prepare, now you have the choice of combining your love of food and drink with your love of cannabis. There is a wide range of the best cannabis recipes to choose from and they all offer their own unique way of enjoying THC or CBD.

Sweets & Snacks

This first category is devoted to the best cannabis recipes for sweets or snacks. These are great ways to start or end your party and you’ll want to change up the doses accordingly. Start with some mild sweets to get the party started or end with some more heavy sweets to help everyone get to bed – your party, your rules.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Everyone loves a good chocolate covered strawberry, but how about starting your party with a more potent party snack. By combining THC or CBD, you can provide a chocolate covered strawberry that does more than just taste good. When done the good old way, you’re going to need to combine the THC with the chocolate. You just need to decarboxylate and mix your THC with your chocolate, to produce a thick chocolatey mix that will dip well and provide up to 50mg per serving if done correctly with some strong THC.

Another variation is by using CBD oil. This will provide a more relaxed bodily sensation and won’t get your guests high. This is great for starting a party off a little bit slower and is still one of the best cannabis recipes for a party.


Gummy sweets are taking the best cannabis recipes world by storm. More and more companies are providing healthy and organic variations of our favorite household snack. Whether you want CBD or THC, you’re going to have plenty to choose from when looking for your best cannabis recipe. These gummies also come in different strengths, making them perfect for a party where you have guests with different tolerances. Simply keep different gummies in different containers and mark them based on their dosage – this way your guests can pick and choose what they think will be best.

The doses range from 5 mg up to 100 mg per gummy, so you should definitely pay attention to the product you buy. It’s also not just gummy bears available, any gummy sweet you enjoy can be bought, including gummy worms and peach rounds. These two products from Earth’s Edibles are great for moderate users, providing 20mg of THC per sweet, while your more tolerant guests might want a little bit more.

Hot Chocolate

This is one of the best cannabis recipes for ending a party during winter. It’s a cold evening, everyone’s had a great time, and now you serve up a steaming cup of delicious THC/CBD infused hot chocolate. These hot drinks are usually sold in servings of 2, like this Belgian Hot Chocolate that contains 10 mg per cup. These aren’t overly strong and a great way to end your party on a lighter note. Everyone will be asking you for the recipe after this cannabis treat.


Not only can you get hot chocolate, but also regular chocolates infused with THC or CBD. This best cannabis recipe is a great party ender, maybe even with a glass of whiskey. Whatever you choose, these Chocolate Truffles are to die for. They are tasty, made with quality ingredients, and contain up to 10 mg of cannabinoids per chocolate. You might find yourself needing more than one to get a good buzz, but this recipe is the perfect way to sweeten up your party.


After looking at all the sweet things, you might struggle to find space for these best cannabis recipes. Instead of sweet, think of a full cannabis meal. These meals contain THC and are a great way to enjoy an edible without having to indulge in sweet treats. The different meals usually come in three strength varieties, giving you the choice of how much each guest gets in their meal.

Italian Food

Looking for the best cannabis recipes that involve Italian cuisine? Well, you’re in luck. There are both pizza and pasta to choose from. These Italian classics work amazingly when combined with a little bit of THC or CBD. There are a wide range of toppings to choose from, just as if you ordered from your local Italian restaurant. Enjoy Italian Sausage Pasta, Chicken & Pasta, Italian Sausage Pizza, or an old fashioned Pepperoni Pizza. They are crammed full of flavor and cannabinoids. These are a great choice for a starter that you can share among your guests or for a single main course.


The best cannabis recipes have to include good curry. If you enjoy a tasty curry, then why not combine it with your love of cannabis to make your party the highlight of anyone’s day. These curries come in a variety of flavors, including Butter Chicken and Chana Masala. The prices go up to $22 a meal and the 400g portions are even enough to fill up hungrier guests.


Not only can you find the best cannabis recipes for meals, but also for sauces. These sauces add that extra cannabis boost to take your party to the next level. Sauces are great because they’re easy to control – you want more THC, you just add some more sauce. These sauces also come in a variety of strengths and flavors so you can pick and choose what works best for each meal and each guest.

The best cannabis recipes need to be catered to each person at your party, so make sure you don’t give someone more than they can handle – that’s a quick way to turn your party into a circus. Find the flavors and strengths that work for your party and you’ll quickly turn a regular party into a cannabis-infused one that everyone keeps talking about for weeks to come.

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